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14 November 2017The Architecture of the British Raj is Remarkable; Let's Celebrate it!
10 October 2017The Art and Culture of fin-de-siècle Vienna
12 September 2017Les Parisiennes: How Women Lived, Loved and Died in Paris from 1939-1949
12 September 2017Lecture Programme 2017-2018
05 September 2017The Journey to "Looking Good"
13 June 2017CHANGE OF JUNE LECTURE: Twenty-first century gardens: new ideas and challenges
09 May 2017Prague: "The City of the Winter Queen"
11 April 2017Meet me at the Waldorf: The Extraordinary Story of two Iconic Hotels
21 March 2017Annual Society Lecture
14 March 2017Tribal Rugs: Treasurers of the Black Tent
14 February 2017"To please the palate, charm the eye": 400 years of Food as Ephemeral Art
10 January 2017Absolutely Classic! Neoclassicism in Regency Britain
13 December 2016Capability Brown and the English Landscape
08 November 2016Verdi and Victoria: National Icons
11 October 2016Art UK: Uncovering the Nation's Hidden Oil Painting Collections
13 September 2016The Art of Enamelling

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The Architecture of the British Raj is Remarkable; Let's Celebrate it! Anthony Peers Tuesday 14 November 2017

This lecture commences with a brief appraisal of attitudes towards the British empire and concludes with a quick look at efforts being made to preserve the buildings of the British Raj.  In between, consideration is given to the very best of British colonial architecture in India.  Starting with the East India Company era churches and mausolea of the mid-17th century, the lecturer takes his audience on a round India journey giving centre stage to the most impressive and unusual buildings of Madras (Chennai), Mumbai (Bombay), Kolkata, (Calcutta), the military cantonments and hill stations.  This whistle-stop tour is completed with a brief look at the grandest of imperial buildings, Wiliam Emmerson's Victoria Memorial in Calcutta and Edwin Lutyen's Viceroy's House, New Delhi.