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14 January 2020The Silk Road and the Arts of China
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12 November 2019Debo - Mitford, Cavendish, Devonshire, Duchess and Housewife - 1920-2014
08 October 2019The Story of Chinese Wallpaper in British Country Houses
10 September 2019A Celebration of the Life of Fra Lippo Lippi
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14 May 2019The Wallace and Frick Collections and their Amazing Connection with Knole
09 April 2019People, Places and Piazzas: The Life and Art of Charles Mackie
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12 December 2017Betwixt Worlds: land and life between the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh
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10 October 2017The Art and Culture of fin-de-siècle Vienna
12 September 2017Lecture Programme 2017-2018
12 September 2017Les Parisiennes: How Women Lived, Loved and Died in Paris from 1939-1949
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09 May 2017Prague: "The City of the Winter Queen"
11 April 2017Meet me at the Waldorf: The Extraordinary Story of two Iconic Hotels
21 March 2017Annual Society Lecture
14 March 2017Tribal Rugs: Treasurers of the Black Tent
14 February 2017"To please the palate, charm the eye": 400 years of Food as Ephemeral Art
10 January 2017Absolutely Classic! Neoclassicism in Regency Britain

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The Silk Road and the Arts of China Susan Whitfield Tuesday 14 January 2020

The opening of trade routes across Eurasia by land and sea enabled the movement of peoples, along with their cultures, arts, beliefs, technical skills and aesthetics. This was to have a profound influence on the arts of China, introducing new forms, designs, and materials, along with the craftsmen to pass on their skills. This lecture looks at several examples of masterpieces of art from China in the first millennium AD to illustrate this influence and show how the arts of China were greatly enriched by its Silk Road links.