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08 May 2018Henry VII's State Bed
12 June 2018How Time has been told throughout the ages

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Henry VII's State Bed Jonathan Foyle Tuesday 08 May 2018

Some decades ago, an old oak bed took up valuable space in an Edinburgh antique shop, until it eventually shifted.  In 2010, the same elaborately carved, incomplete frame was removed from the honeymoon suite of a hotel in Chester ready for auction.  Three more years on, the speaker was invited to see it by its new owner who realised its significant age, high quality and thought its carved royal arms related to Henry VII.  Jonathan Foyle explains his ensuing four years of forensic and art-historical analyses that identified this astonishing survival as the  bed of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, made for Westminster Palace late in 1485.  Rich in symbolism that illuminates contemporary Tudor court arts, this once forlorn antique is one of the nation's outstanding royal artifacts.